Click here to download a pledge sheet to help you keep track of your cash donations.

Need some creative ideas for fundraising? See below, along with a video from our two top fundraisers, Stacie and Kelly.

Ask Everyone

Friends and family, co-workers, softball teammates! Cast a wide net and you’ll maximize your potential for fundraising.

Ask In-Person

Asking a person directly, either in person or via text, is the best option. It makes it personal and easiest for them to say yes.

Keep it Simple

Not sure how to make your ask? Keep it short and sweet: tell them you’re playing in a charity softball game, and ask if they’d like to contribute to a good cause.


Use social media!

Use silly photos, memes, etc. to get creative with your fundraising through social media. Just because cancer is a serious topic doesn’t mean raising awareness has to be! Use Facebook to shout out to your team, update fundraising totals, and send announcements. Don't forget to #PaintTheDiamondPink !

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No Donation too small!

Need an easy way to raise $100? Decorate a 16 oz. plastic bottle and ask people to fill it with dimes. You can even keep it on your desk at work for co-workers to easily find. A full bottle is just about $100!

Make it Personal

Do you like to bake? Bring in cupcakes or cookies for a small bake sale to gather donations. Are you crafty? Make some home made cards and sell them for a small donation. Everyone needs Thank You, Birthday, and Holiday cards! Whatever you do, do it from the heart. People will see that you took the time and really care about the cause.

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